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Welcome to the newest addition to the tricycle market - the TriStar 2000! Designed and manufactured with precision at the ZhongShan Laby Bicycle Co., Ltd. factory, our tricycles are the epitome of quality and reliability.

The TriStar 2000 is equipped with a sturdy steel frame and durable, puncture-resistant tires, ensuring a smooth and stable ride for all users. Its ergonomic handlebar design and adjustable seat make it suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Whether it's for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or for transporting goods, the TriStar 2000 is the ideal choice.

Our tricycles are not only practical, but also stylish, with a sleek and modern design to appeal to all tastes. Available in a range of vibrant colors, the TriStar 2000 is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Trust in ZhongShan Laby Bicycle Co., Ltd. for a tricycle that combines innovation, durability, and style. Join the tricycle revolution with the TriStar 2000 today!
  • Leading Tricycle Factory and Manufacturer
  • I recently purchased a tricycle from the Tricycle Factory and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. The build quality of the tricycle is excellent and it feels very sturdy and stable. The factory offers a wide range of tricycles to choose from, with various designs and colors to suit different preferences. The staff at the factory were also very helpful and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend the Tricycle Factory to anyone in need of a reliable and high-quality tricycle. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be returning for any future tricycle needs.
    Ms. YH Chen
  • I recently purchased a tricycle from the Tricycle Factory and I couldn't be happier with the product. The build quality is excellent, with sturdy and reliable components. The design is sleek and modern, making it a head-turner wherever I go. The tricycle is also very comfortable to ride, with a smooth and seamless experience. The customer service from the Tricycle Factory was also top-notch, with helpful and friendly staff who guided me through the purchasing process. Overall, I highly recommend the Tricycle Factory for anyone in the market for a reliable and stylish tricycle.
    Ms. Esse Zhao
Welcome to our tricycle factory, where we pride ourselves on creating high-quality and durable tricycles for customers of all ages. Our tricycles are designed with safety, comfort, and style in mind, making them the perfect choice for children learning to ride, adults looking for a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation, or anyone in between.

At our tricycle factory, we use the latest technology and materials to ensure that every tricycle that rolls off our assembly line meets our strict standards for quality and performance. Each tricycle is carefully crafted by our skilled team of experts who are dedicated to creating products that exceed customer expectations.

Whether you’re looking for a classic trike for your toddler, a sleek and modern design for yourself, or a specialty tricycle for a specific purpose, our factory has you covered. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and custom options to suit every individual’s needs and preferences.

When you choose a tricycle from our factory, you can trust that you are getting a product that is built to last and provide years of enjoyment. We are committed to providing the best tricycles on the market, and we stand behind every product that bears our name.

Thank you for visiting our tricycle factory. We look forward to helping you find the perfect tricycle for your needs.

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